In Web lingo FAQ rhymes with whack and it means "Frequently Asked Questions". Just in case you're not up on the jargon yet I chose to name this page "Questions and Answers" instead of "FAQ".

How many people can attend a lesson?

Right now I'm running a special so two people can take a lesson for the price of one. Pets can attend for free. But don't try to pull a fast one on me by dressing up one of your kids in a dog suit. I can almost always tell the difference.

Do you have gift certificates?

Well no, not in the sense of a paper certificate or plastic card you can give someone. But if you want to give  someone a scholarship for one or more lessons we'll be able to make arrangements. (Notice how I use the  pretentious phrase " give someone a scholarship" instead of  just saying "pay for"? I'm all class baby!)

If you are paying for (oops... offering scholarships for) one or more people and you want something to slide into the envelope, twist my arm a bit and I'll whip something up in Microsoft Publisher.

Can I really get a better job if I learn how to use a PC?

Beats me. But it stands to reason that the more skills you possess and the higher the demand for those skills the more likely you are to get a good job or to advance in your present one. 

Of course the advantages of better skills can be totally nullified if you're the office nut who walks around the building with an axe handle muttering "One of these days... One of these days."

If you find that your officemates slowly back away from you when you walk down the hall, computer tutoring will probably not do you very much good in the employment department. 

Do you have any local references from satisfied customers?

Not yet. Give me some time; I just started this gig. While I don't have any testimonials yet, two books I've written have gotten glowing review. I've selected a couple of my reviews and put them on my Meet Your Teacher page.

What topics do you teach?

Glad you asked that question. Just take a look at the Topics page.