You can phone me. My phone number 914 595-MIND (Cool huh?) To make is easy on you, the last four digits are 6463.

You can email me. My email address is (Clicking the link will  open your email program.) Just remove the COLOR from my name and the other COLOR from my mail service's domain. You're clever enough to figure that out but I don't believe the current generation of email address harvesting spambots can.

If you have Skype you can "Skype me". My Skype user name is marsearthvenus.

But  no matter how you choose to contact me do it now, to reserve the time for your lesson!

 This little gadget to the left ells me a lot about you. Your IP address (you're the only person in the world using this address right now. It tells me what country you're in, who your ISP is and what proxy you're using (never mind) if you are using one. How do I know all this about you? Because you're browser transmits all of this information about you every time you open a page. But you can suppress all of this information. If you'd prefer not to leave footprints all over the Web as you surf, ask me about taking a lesson or two in Web privacy.

-- Tom

PS. If the area to the left is blank you're probably blocking JavaScript or something like that.

 And here's a little five day weather forecast just because I like to know the weather:. It the gizmo above doesn't work this one probably doesn't either

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