I'm Tom Wrona, a writer, editor, trainer and instructional designer who lives in Hastings on Hudson, NY 10706.

Welcome to yet another one of my outposts on the Web. I created this one specifically to promote my PC training practice. My main site is WRONA WORLD.

Get a new job or get a better job

Understanding programs like Microsoft Word and Excel really can lead you to a better job. Being able to attach a document to an email is a useful skill in today's job market. If your boss emails you and tells you that he needs you to email him the file:

C:\Documents and Settings\ Tom\My Documents\My Maps\ PictureOfBedford.jpg 

could you find it in a few seconds? 

(Note to more experienced readers: Yes, there's an easier way to convey this filespec but with your luck your boss won't do it that way.)

I'm an experienced instructor

It may seem hard to believe but when I was the vice president, chief instructor and instructional designer for Computer Coach, Inc. in Boca Raton, Florida I personally trained more than 10,000 people on topics like DOS, The Mac OS, and Windows 3.11, 95, 98, Me, and XP and many popular programs like Word and Excel.

How did I arrive at that 10,000 people figure? Well, our classrooms each had 10 seats. Let's say on average we only sold eight seats a class. Oftentimes we were booked solid but I'd say eight is a nice conservative number for the average. I taught two to four classes every week day. Let's say on average I taught two. That's ten classes a week with an average of eight students per class. At 80 students per week I'd have trained 10,000 students in 125 weeks or just over two years. I worked at Computer Coach for more than six years!  Oh and I also gave lots of private one-on-one lessons. So the real number of students I taught could very well be much higher.

I'll teach you when it's convenient for you

Computer classes can be great, but not when you have a flat tire on the way to class or the babysitter cancels at the last minute or when--well you get the idea. With scheduled classes you have to work your life around the class. With a personal tutor, the "class" works its way around your life. The because you're a class of one (or two, if you take advantage of my two-for-one special).

I'll teach you on your computer at your home or office

Who even makes housecalls these days? I do. And I'll bring along my laptop as a back up.

Here's a little calendar to help you figure out the best time to make an appointment.